Friday, June 15, 2018

My experience at United Business Class AKA Polaris

After seeing the misleading advertisement about United Polaris, we decided to try their product on our trip to Asia. 

It was a long flight LAX-NRT (Tokyo Narita) so we were excited that we were able to upgrade using 30,000 United points and paying US$350 per person on top of our Economy rate. It's interesting that United charges for the upgrade even if they cannot confirm it. I guess greed has no boundaries.

When we first boarded the plane, we noticed the old 2-2-2 configuration that most airlines ditched to offer a superior product, but United is selling Polaris class seats and delivering an old and tired product with a cheap facelift. And note that this is the new 787 plane.

So this is what they advertise 1-2-1, new seats:

But this is what you get:

The seat is narrow and short. I'm 6'3, large built man and I could not fit in this cramped seat.
This is my post on Instagram during the trip. It seems funny but actually was the most uncomfortable long-haul flight I ever took.

Service was cordial but cold. Then, the food. They give you a menu to choose from. My partner is Japanese and he chose the Japanese meal. Third row on Business Class: "We are sold out on the Japanese meal." Good planning, United!
Even the regular meal looked more like economy class prepackaged tasteless food.

Overall the Polaris product was a huge disappointment and a waste of money and points. If you compare to other business class products, like American and Cathay Pacific,  United has a lot to learn.

Safe travels everyone!


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