Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Best Weekend Cruise From Miami

I live in Miami and sometimes you want to escape Paradise and go to... the Bahamas!

During my morning commute to the gym I drive by the port of Miami. If you do that every day, you get familiarized with the ships and as a cruise lover, I enjoy seeing them coming and going everyday.

If you are coming to Miami and don't want to spend a whole week on a cruise ship, all cruise lines offer weekend cruises: 3 nights - Friday afternoon through Monday morning - visiting Nassau and a private island.

The downside is that the oldest and outdated ships are used for these cruises.
Royal Caribbean uses Majesty of the Seas for this route. A ten year old ship very worn out and at the end of its run. I did it once and that was enough.

Carnival uses Carnival Imagination. Well, let me just say that after more than 25 cruises, Carnival is not my favorite cruise line and I would never cruise on Carnival again. There is a specific target for their product and I'm not included... thank God!

And then NCL uses Norwegian Sky, the nicest ship for a weekend getaway from Miami. It's a small but decent ship with everything you need for three nights. Great restaurants - two included, three for a fee (so worth it), comfortable staterooms... I didn't go on a cruise to mingle. The crowd is not high class, but you can enjoy yourself with friends, or have a romantic getaway with a loved one. 

In any case, I've been there and I have done all of them sol if you have to choose one cruise for a weekend, go with Norwegian Sky... you won't regret it!

Safe travels everyone!    

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