Monday, March 1, 2010

Broadway Tickets and Beyond

If you ever bought tickets for a Broadway show online you know how much it cost these days... US$138, including all the fees, shipping and handling, from Ticketmaster or Telecharge. I'm not talking about scalpers prices, and I don't want hear about the premium seats that all the shows have now (center orchestra) going for the bargain of... US$350 per person. I just want to see a show, I don't want to produce it!

You also can stand in line for TKTS booths in Times Square or South Street Sea Port, but remember you only can get tickets a few hours before showtime.

OR you can buy tickets online with up to 50% off, buying from the same Ticketmaster and/or Telecharge but using a discount code that this one website will give you. And you also will be able to choose from the best available seats. And we are talking about first rate shows! It's hard to believe, but this tool is available to anyone.

The same website also can help you find great deals in shows in Vegas (Cirque du Soleil shows)  and London, hotels and restaurants.

So, here is the link to this great site:

Enjoy and come back to my blog and share your savings!

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  1. Vicente: Thank you for sharing your considerable expertise with me! I've added you to my homepage and to Google Reader. Keep those posts coming- they're great!